Most Americans say the internet is actually making them smarter


Yes, it makes us smarter -

“It is sometimes difficult to reconcile the internet’s amazing contributions to society (Google search, Wikipedia, email, messaging) versus its dark side (YouTube comments, anonymous message boards, celebrity photo hacks). But overall, it seems the internet is indeed making us smarter.”

via Most Americans say the internet is actually making them smarter – Quartz.

Why isn’t wireless charging a thing yet?

Battery power has always been the holy grail of electronics, and the more we carry the more we notice.  Battery life is always a complaint when we talk about our devices.  There have been no real advances in battery power technology.  The only thing that makes them last longer is size – which is why an iPad can last so long.  When I first heard about wireless charging and its potential, I thought it sounded like a fantastic solution.  Get a pad, place devices on it to charge without plugging in – so easy.  That was years ago, and we haven’t really seen it offered.  There have been some efforts, but they require special cases for devices and the charging pads are small.  Seems there is no standard.  We’ll all continue to wait, and this article seems promising.  Maybe we are almost there.


“The technology is there. Whether it’s inductive or magnetic resonance doesn’t matter one bit to most people. What entices consumers is the notion of being able to toss down a phone, tablet and pair of wireless headphones on the bedside table and have them all fully charged by the morning.”

via Why isn’t wireless charging a thing yet? | News | TechRadar.

Use This iOS Shortcut to Quickly Email Yourself Notes

Glad to see others doing this!  Good app to add to home screen.


“Despite Dropbox, Photostream, Reminders, and all other manner of cross-platform sharing options, I still find myself emailing important links, images, and documents to myself on a regular basis. Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but it’s a hard habit to break.”

via Use This iOS Shortcut to Quickly Email Yourself Notes | WIRED.

New Moleskine sketchbooks beam your scribbles to Adobe’s Creative Cloud

As part of its big mobile push, Adobe opened up its SDK to allow third-party apps to tap into Creative Cloud, and Moleskine’s latest effort takes full advantage. Similar to its collaborative offering with Evernote, the Moleskine Smart Notebook uses your iPhone’s camera to capture sketches.

via New Moleskine sketchbooks beam your scribbles to Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

Rejoice: Tomorrow’s Tech Will Probably Stop Nagging Us | WIRED

Conceptually, the goal has always been to make technology invisible.  To many of us it is, though when we use the phrase “invisible” it means we just don’t notice it.  If we are speaking with somebody on a cell phone, we don’t notice the phone.  We think about the content, what we are saying, and the person we are speaking to.  The phone is still in our hand, unnoticed, but visible (unless the phone isn’t working properly!)

In the new IoT era, the technology will be more embedded, more functional – yet truly invisible.  This story from Wired is very accurate.

“How does one create an environment of “invisible technology”? Start by gaining a more complete understanding of all the facets that enable a product or service to operate. Break down any complexity by mapping each conversation that needs to take place between people and machines for the service to work well.”

via Rejoice: Tomorrow’s Tech Will Probably Stop Nagging Us | WIRED.

Don’t Answer Emails That Lack Questions

Who knows how many emails are in our email boxes each day.  I love this suggestion from 99U.  “Your inbox is cluttered with emails of no consequence, including one of the worst offenders: the email that lacks a question. Kristin Muhlner, CEO of NewBrand Analytics, shares her rule for emails that don’t move projects forward: ignore them.”

via Don’t Answer Emails That Lack Questions – 99U.