Donna Murdoch. I’m about adult learners, online education, technology, lifelong learning, and relevancy.

My Bio:

Donna Murdoch is a Consultant with InnovEd Partners, where she provides both corporations and academic organizations with consultation, strategic research and development, and management of innovative learning strategies. She is focused on developing learning strategies for clients who are in the midst of digital transformation, expansion of existing offerings, and leveraging research for learning science in an effort to create the next generation of high-impact learning.

Donna understands the importance of incorporating new technologies into both educational and corporate environments. She enjoys guiding organizations through the process of implementing new age technologies because she understands how effective these tools can be when properly utilized. Many corporations and educational organizations are held back from implementing such technologies, because of the learning curve and the breaking of old habits. However, with Donna Murdoch’s understanding of both the technologies and the adult learning process she is able to help faculty and workplaces successfully adapt to such practices.

In 2011, Donna founded EdTech Meetup in Philadelphia, which helps to connect educators, education entrepreneurs, developers, and EdTech investors. The group has since grown to include over 900 members. Donna has strived to be a mentor to others in this field because she understands what people can accomplish with the proper tools.

Donna Murdoch received her doctorate from Columbia University Teachers College in Adult Education and Organizational Leadership. She also received her Master’s Degree in Communications, Media, and Learning Technologies from Columbia University Teachers College.

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