Offline: how to use the internet

Impressive.  Someone stayed away from the Internet for a year.  When she comes back she can’t stay away.  Fun to read on The Verge.

“Whew! What a week.

First came Monday, and then Tuesday, and then there was the internet. You know how in Star Trek when they engage the warp engines and the Enterprise kind of stalls for a moment while its projection blurs toward the future, toward the stars, and then it’s gone? I’m in the blur phase.

I feel severely disoriented, totally overwhelmed, and kind of… happy about it?

At 12:00AM on Wednesday, May 1st, I rejoined the internet. I guess I thought I’d just start using the internet again, see some funny cat videos, and that would be that. Instead, I almost had a panic attack as I attempted to pull off basic 21st-century maneuvers like managing multiple tabs in a single browser window.”