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10 Must-Try Mobile IFTTT Recipes


From Mashable.  The IFTTT app is surprisingly great.

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The Internet In 60 Seconds – Walmart, 17k Transactions Per Minute?


I like to see these updated charts, displaying internet useage on various sites and what happens in a short period of time   This is from  But the biggest surprise here to me – Walmart?  17,000 transactions on the web every 60 seconds?  None of the other names were surprising (some numbers were.)  But I had no idea Walmart had such an active e-presence.  Wow.


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Don Norman on Wearable Devices | MIT Technology Review


MIT Tech Review – still some of the most thoughtful articles around.  This one is on wearable tech – Google Glass in particular but can apply to any.  “When used mindfully, wearable technology can enhance our abilities significantly.”  And I agree, there will definitely be uses, as augmented reality has not been easily accessible before now.   But also, “it’s a great myth that people can multi-task without any loss in quality.”  It will be an ongoing argument – this is an insightful piece discussing both the pros and cons.


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WordPress Powers 18.9% of the Web, Has 46M Downloads


Article on The Next Web interviewing WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg.  Obvious the hold WordPress has on the web and that more and more people are using it (vs. Blogger, Tumblr, or platforms that used to be more popular) – new versions, powering 18.9% of the web, it’s impressive.  Not surprising, it is still a platform used primarily on the web.  I’m not sure how many are left that make that claim.  Article at TNW.