Survey: far fewer developers are prioritizing smartphone apps over tablet apps


Interesting survey mentioned on GigaOm, showing the same level of interest in making smartphone apps as they do in making tablet apps.   Smartphones are the extension everyone has to their body, but tablets seem to be the place where there’s more room for growth.  This piece shows us the difference (which, no surprise, is different when applied to development of Android apps.)

Batteries – The Holy Grail of Consumer Electronics

This article, from Quartz, is actually called “What I learned from researching almost every single smart watch that has been rumored or announced” and it is not about what you would think – it’s about the unspoken holy grail of portable consumer electronics.  Battery power.   There is chart at the link showing how battery capacity has increased since 1990 vs. how wireless transfer speed, CPU speed, and other technologies have progressed over the same period of time.  Battery life extension technology has gone almost nowhere while capacity for everything else tech continues to get better and better.  The limit of capability, in more and more cases, will be how long a battery will last.

Only 5 Percent of Tablets Connected to Wireless Data Plan



This is interesting.  According to All Things D, only 5% of tablet buyers buy anything other than the WiFi version.  It goes on to say that even the tablets sold with wireless chips often go unused, even when cellular enabled.  Article and graph here.

What they fail to mention is that most smartphones have a mobile hotspot – or to mention how many people just assume they’re already paying for one data plan (hotspot on phone or MiFi) so why not just tether it that way?