Why Free Software Is More Important Now Than Ever Before

Much has changed since the beginning of the free software movement: Most people in advanced countries now own computers — sometimes called “phones” — and use the internet with them. Non-free software still makes the users surrender control over their computing to someone else, but now there is another way to lose it: Service as a Software Substitute, or SaaSS, which means letting someone else’s server do your own computing activities.

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Samsung supports PowerbyProxi, to let you power your phone wirelessly

I have been watching this technology for years.  It seems fantastic.

“Powering devices wirelessly has long been the stuff of science fiction. But really, what if power really can get rid of cables in the same way that Wi-Fi disposes of networking wires? The wireless power movement is very early, but already there are several competitors pushing alternative technologies and standards to realize that dream.”

via Samsung supports PowerbyProxi, to let you power your phone wirelessly | VentureBeat.

The Post-it Note Goes Digital on Evernote

Rather than fight the digital revolution, the time-tested Post-it note is joining it.

3M Co., which makes about 50 billion of the sticky paper notepads each year, is set to announce a partnership on Thursday with personal-organization app Evernote Corp. Together, they’ve made software that will allow people with smartphones to photograph, store and organize pictures of their Post-its.

Evernote’s software will be able to recognize the sticky notes’ distinctive colors and help organize them within the app. In other words, Evernote’s 75 million users may soon say goodbye to the legions of Post-its hanging from bathroom mirrors, car dashboards and computer screens in favor of thumbnail photos of their scribblings.

via The Post-it Note Goes Digital on Evernote – Digits – WSJ.

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