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Where The Coding Craze Is Going Overboard

I’m another one who was frustrated and quit code school. Clearly it is needed, but so are many other things. Coding isn’t the only path.


This summer, I jumped on the learn-to-code bandwagon, spending a couple of weeks on an online course before becoming completely frustrated and quitting.

But there are plenty of people singing its praises, how it teaches life skills that are applicable to anything, or how it will guarantee you a great job even if you aren’t the top performer in your industry. Actually, coding advocates might have done this a little too well. Learning to code has become the new trend that everyone wants in on.

If you ask me, I think we’ve all gone a little code crazy.

Not that it isn’t warranted. There are several factors that have been fueling the trend over the past couple years, such as an optimum job market, growing accessibility to coding tools and an increased focus on the digital and tech-related. This isn’t an argument against coding; in fact, it’s nearly impossible…

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