Strategies vs. tactics: Which is best for growing your audience?

This article from The Next Web talks about using “tactics” vs “strategies.”  But when it boils down to it, they are only bandaids.  Relationships are the only way to build a business.  “The only way to ensure what you’ve made has the traction it needs to take off is to bring your own people to the party.

That way, if the party needs to change location, everyone’s game to move it elsewhere with you. You can’t stand by the punchbowl and cross your fingers, hoping people show up. You have to invite others.

But before even that, you have to actually make friends and foster relationships. Really, you have to build a following of people that like what you do. People that would benefit from what you’ve made and maybe, just maybe, like it enough to tell other people they know.”

via Strategies vs. tactics: Which is best for growing your audience? – The Next Web.

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