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Twitter Now Lets You Tag Photos And Create Tweet Albums

New feature in in Twitter is very similar to Facebook.  My first reaction is that when I tweet, I do it really quickly, even when taking a photo.  I can’t imagine taking the time to tag, etc. but it does seem handy for certain occasions.  Most likely people will send less tweets and save up pictures to send all at once.  “Tagging photos on Twitter works almost exactly as it does on Facebook. When you select a photo, you’re prompted to tap on “Who’s in this photo?” and then type and select the name of the person you want to tag. Users will receive notifications if they’re tagged in a photo; however, if the person sharing the photo doesn’t use the @-mention, the user’s name will appear next to the photo as it does on Facebook. ”

via Twitter Now Lets You Tag Photos And Create Tweet Albums – ReadWrite.



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