The Resurgent, Post-Windows Microsoft

This is a good overview from TechCrunch about the future of Microsoft.  They’ve had a number of tries at the B to C market lately, but consumers may not have noticed the strength of their B to B offerings.  And it sounds like they might be making some good decisions about the direction of their B to C presence as well.  “The future of Microsoft is in selling its software, such as Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP, and Microsoft servers in the Axure cloud to business customers on whatever platform they like. Each of these products is arguably best-of-breed and cloud-based, and has a large customer base. Microsoft indeed has the ability to pivot, and pivot hard, as it did when it switched from pushing MSN to competing with Netscape in the Internet space. And Microsoft is once again not encumbered by antitrust restrictions from aggressively pursuing these markets.”

via The Resurgent, Post-Windows Microsoft | TechCrunch.