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‘We’re Never Truly Done’: 10 Employees Give Insight on Startup Culture

It’s true, you’re never really done when you’re working for a startup, or an entrepreneur.  Startup culture has never been bigger.  It is meaningful, makes a big difference, and is a fantastic learning experience.  It also comes with stresses.  They are never “done for the day.”   “For some, the perks of ping pong tables, free snacks and flexible hours are enough to convince early startup hires to sign on the dotted line. For others, the potential to make an impact on a growing business and have a hand in shaping an industry is the main allure. With new and promising startups popping up in locations everywhere from Silicon Valley and New York City to burgeoning tech hubs like Boston and Miami, it’s clear that startup culture has its advantages — and its hardships.”

via ‘We’re Never Truly Done’: 10 Employees Give Insight on Startup Culture.



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