Changing Our Education System One Programmer At A Time

There is truly a gap.  On one hand, we have articles that speak to the shortage of talent we will have in so many necessary industries.  Aerospace and many other technological process companies all have people retiring, jobs that are needed, and skills that will be so difficult to replace.  On the other hand, we are focused on filling the new tech jobs:  “Now a third wave of startups is sprouting up to tackle the dearth of vocational CS training with intense, in-person training. Companies like The Flatiron School, which I recently invested in, and the Turing School, are teaching students in short-term immersion programs. They tend to attract very motivated students, many of them mid-career in non-technical professions, who spend day and night learning coding over short periods of time. After completing their programs, the students have the technical skills employers are looking for, and they are highly marketable. In fact, Flatiron boasts nearly 100 percent job placement.”

via Changing Our Education System One Programmer At A Time | TechCrunch.