Did You Actually Buy Google Glass Today?

Google allowed people to buy Google Glass without an invitation today, and marketed it well in advance.  They’ve always been great at making people want that invitation – exclusivity works well especially in the tech community.  Even Gmail was in beta and required an invitation for longer than I can remember.  Google Glass was expensive though.  It will be interested to see if figures are released.   “So the question is, are there really that many people chomping at the bit for a Glass free-for-all? Did you buy Glass? Did anyone you know buy Glass? Let us know down below.”

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Tech Companies Commit to Offering a ‘Kill Switch’ for Preventing Phone Theft

Can’t imagine how many phones are stolen every day and how much information is on each one.  iPhone tackled this issue years ago with Find My iPhone, but I’m not sure it’s marketed this way.  Blackberry always had the feature, since corporations used it and security was always their strongest selling point.  Now it looks like we will have a consortium with a standardized kill switch.  “To combat phone theft, several lawmakers over the last year have put pressure on manufacturers and wireless carriers to include smarter antitheft technology on smartphones. A group of tech and phone companies on Tuesday said they were on board with the idea.”

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Dropbox unveils Carousel for organizing your photos and videos

Most people think of Dropbox as, well, Dropbox.  Since the acquisition of Mailbox.com, they’ve been adding features.  This app, as well as a Mac Mailbox app, look promising if as streamlined and functional as their flagship.  “At an event in San Francisco, Mailbox founder Gentry Underwood showed off the service, which organizes photos and videos from your camera roll into an app for Android and iOS. A scroll wheel at the bottom of the app lets you move backward and forward in time with a swipe of the thumb. Dropbox says the app is “one place for all your memories.” All photos stored in the app are backed up to Dropbox.”

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Hackathons Are the New Career Fairs

An ideal way for companies to hunt for talent.  Hackathons show a candidate in context – how they collaborate and how they generate ideas.  This article from Mashable explains in detail.   “For those looking to score a job at a hot tech startup or a coveted spot with a tech behemoth like Facebook or Square, the job search scene has an up-and-coming competitor to the traditional career fair: hackathons.”

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Changing Our Education System One Programmer At A Time

There is truly a gap.  On one hand, we have articles that speak to the shortage of talent we will have in so many necessary industries.  Aerospace and many other technological process companies all have people retiring, jobs that are needed, and skills that will be so difficult to replace.  On the other hand, we are focused on filling the new tech jobs:  “Now a third wave of startups is sprouting up to tackle the dearth of vocational CS training with intense, in-person training. Companies like The Flatiron School, which I recently invested in, and the Turing School, are teaching students in short-term immersion programs. They tend to attract very motivated students, many of them mid-career in non-technical professions, who spend day and night learning coding over short periods of time. After completing their programs, the students have the technical skills employers are looking for, and they are highly marketable. In fact, Flatiron boasts nearly 100 percent job placement.”

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‘We’re Never Truly Done’: 10 Employees Give Insight on Startup Culture

It’s true, you’re never really done when you’re working for a startup, or an entrepreneur.  Startup culture has never been bigger.  It is meaningful, makes a big difference, and is a fantastic learning experience.  It also comes with stresses.  They are never “done for the day.”   “For some, the perks of ping pong tables, free snacks and flexible hours are enough to convince early startup hires to sign on the dotted line. For others, the potential to make an impact on a growing business and have a hand in shaping an industry is the main allure. With new and promising startups popping up in locations everywhere from Silicon Valley and New York City to burgeoning tech hubs like Boston and Miami, it’s clear that startup culture has its advantages — and its hardships.”

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