Trademarks 101: Your 10 Biggest Questions, Answered

For entrepreneurs, these are probably the most common questions and concerns as they start to talk about their idea, put a team together, and begin to make it happen.  Should they be protecting their ideas?   “For a startup, intellectual property is often the most valuable asset. Yet, IP isn’t just about patents and inventions. It can also include your brand assets — everything from the company name to the logo and product tagline.”  From Mashable.

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Why Your Company Needs To Measure Employee Engagement

We measure and assess so many things – seems employee engagement would be necessary.  Employers, especially of early stage companies, are often too busy to notice things….until the job doesn’t get done.  These ideas about how to measure employee engagement, from TNW, are helpful.   “There are many facets to being engaged at work, these are a few sentiments commonly measured by teams looking to make sense of their people data. Your employee engagement level is simply a yardstick for how emotionally motivated, committed, and connected people are to their work.”

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How to learn to play piano with a little help from your iPad

Who would have thought there would come a day where you could really learn to play an instrument without an instructor.  There’ve been YouTube videos and other ways to learn online, but this is a hands on method that looks promising.  From GigaOm.  “There are aspects about learning to play piano where the iPad can help, and there are others where it can hurt. The following will look at both sides and hopefully make learning a bit easier.”

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Flickr to Lose Facebook and Google Sign-In After June 30

Hope IFTTT gets to work on a recipe for this fast – this might be a problem for many.  “Yahoo earlier this year announced plans to phase out Google- and Facebook-based sign-in from its services. The feature was initially removed from a sports service and now it is Flickr’s turn, after Yahoo emailed users of the photo site with notice that Google and Facebook IDs will no longer be accepted there after June 30.”

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The 18 Most Important Features in iOS 8

I missed watching the stream of the conference, and at first it didn’t seem like anything terrific was announced.  The more I read, the more I am excited for some of the new functionality with both Yosemite and iOS8.   From Mashable.   “This year’s conference has had its share of surprises, and it’s little wonder devs are salivating: Apple is allowing more flexibility about what developers can grow within its walled garden. For the first time, third-party onscreen keyboards will be welcomed in iOS 8, widgets are coming to the notification center, and media apps will have greater access to the device’s camera. Apple even debuted its own programming language, Swift, which got some of the loudest cheers during Monday’s keynote.”

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