How to Easily Convert a YouTube Clip Into a GIF

This is so easy, and fun to do.  You can make any video from YouTube into a GIF easily.  This is from Wired, but lately has been posted everywhere.  I expect a huge influx of new GIFs.  “From animated steampunk stills to mind-bending visual warps, the GIF is charming, efficient, and highly entertaining. Thus, we were super excited to learn a trick that lets you easily convert a YouTube video into a GIF.All you have to do is go to the GIFable YouTube video of your choosing, then add “gif” in front of the URL, so video of a tiny hamster eating a pizza becomes there, you’re taken to the gifYouTube site, where you can select a start time for your GIF from the original video and then select the duration of the GIF from 1 to 10 seconds. Click to make the GIF, and boom, you’ve got a loop you can enjoy for yourself, or share with all your friends.’

via How to Easily Convert a YouTube Clip Into a GIF | Gadget Lab | WIRED.