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Uber Adding 50,000 New “Driver Jobs” a Month, Up From 20,000 in May

I’m always in awe when I use Uber.  Though many think of it as a service that disrupts cabs, I think the majority of people use it instead of alternatives – not cabs.  When I speak to Uber drivers they tell me stories of picking up teens to take them from school, making deliveries, being the “designated driver” so nobody else has to, and of course driving people from here to there.  People USE Uber, not as a default (oh, I’ll take a cab) but as an integrated part of their life. The CEO of Uber, Travis Kalanick, recently spoke at the Techcrunch Disrupt conference, told the audience that “Driver jobs” are an Uber-created metric used to quantify new drivers on its platforms. These jobs are global — Uber is available in 45 countries — and while they aren’t jobs in the traditional sense, they do signify opportunities for people to make money by picking up passengers through the app.”

via Uber Adding 50,000 New “Driver Jobs” a Month, Up From 20,000 in May | Re/code.



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