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Don’t Answer Emails That Lack Questions

Who knows how many emails are in our email boxes each day.  I love this suggestion from 99U.  “Your inbox is cluttered with emails of no consequence, including one of the worst offenders: the email that lacks a question. Kristin Muhlner, CEO of NewBrand Analytics, shares her rule for emails that don’t move projects forward: ignore them.”

via Don’t Answer Emails That Lack Questions – 99U.

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Inside Pinterest: The Coming Ad Colossus That Could Dwarf Twitter And Facebook

An incredible story about Pinterest and its huge user base, where 80% of the users are women.  It’s huge, and the potential for revenue dwarfs that of many other popular social networks.  This is from Forbes.  “A visual social network where people create and share image collections of recipes, hairstyles, baby furniture and just about anything else on their phones or computers, Pinterest isn’t yet five years old, but among women, who make up over 80% of its users, it’s already more popular than Twitter, which has a market capitalization of more than $30 billion.”

via Inside Pinterest: The Coming Ad Colossus That Could Dwarf Twitter And Facebook.

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Why Inventors Misjudge How We’ll Abuse Their Creations

Often entrepreneurs do brilliant things, but suffer from myopia.  They see applications for their products or inventions that are applicable to them, but in fact others may see them entirely differently.  Interesting article from Wired about some of the greatest inventors, and the original purpose of their inventions.  “For understandable reasons, when we tell stories of technological innovation, we tend to focus on insight and even seeming clairvoyance—the people who can see the future before the rest of us. But there’s a flip side to such farsightedness that shows up again and again in the history of innovation: the blind spots, the possibilities that somehow escaped our field of vision but that, in retrospect, seem glaringly obvious.”

via Why Inventors Misjudge How We’ll Abuse Their Creations | WIRED.

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Adobe Debuts A Slew Of New Mobile Apps

Adobe has really turned around – super impressive line up of apps that support creativity.  Apple shut them out of iPads with Flash, but their presence will be even greater with even more new tools that synch with Creative Suite.   “Adobe’s new lineup includes apps in the Photoshop and Lightroom family, a new collection of Illustrator mobile software, a brand new Premiere app for using on the iPhone or iPad, and a new family of three apps that work across many of its CC apps to “capture” images, colors and design elements from the real world.”

via Adobe Debuts A Slew Of New Mobile Apps, Including Brush, Shape And Draw | TechCrunch.

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The Internet and the Cultural Industries


From MIT Technology Review – the Internet’s influence on the Production and Consumption of Culture.  There hasn’t been a change in basic business models, however culture can now be downloaded and enjoyed in private.  This happened very quickly.  “The Internet has been a disruptive technology for the arts and media, reshaping industries while introducing new ways to organize production and distribution. The Internet’s influence in the cultural industries depends, first, on the extent to which digital substitutes for analog experience are likely to satisfy consumers. Second, on the extent to which producers must maintain competitive profits. And, third, on the ability of incumbent firms to exploit changes inherent in digital production and distribution.”

via The Internet and the Cultural Industries | MIT Technology Review.