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Why Inventors Misjudge How We’ll Abuse Their Creations

Often entrepreneurs do brilliant things, but suffer from myopia.  They see applications for their products or inventions that are applicable to them, but in fact others may see them entirely differently.  Interesting article from Wired about some of the greatest inventors, and the original purpose of their inventions.  “For understandable reasons, when we tell stories of technological innovation, we tend to focus on insight and even seeming clairvoyance—the people who can see the future before the rest of us. But there’s a flip side to such farsightedness that shows up again and again in the history of innovation: the blind spots, the possibilities that somehow escaped our field of vision but that, in retrospect, seem glaringly obvious.”

via Why Inventors Misjudge How We’ll Abuse Their Creations | WIRED.



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