Why the Apple Watch is flopping

Wired, as always, has a good article about many reasons why the Apple Watch isn’t selling like the iPhone or iPad did when introduced.  It’s pretty easy to see – it has been out for some time yet I’ve yet to see a person wearing one.  Unsurprising – it’s the first Apple product I haven’t wanted to use in as long as I can remember.  It will be interesting to see.  Will they continue to make new versions, or will they discontinue it?


“It wasn’t a good sign when Apple announced shortly before the Watch release that they weren’t going to be breaking out sales numbers. Now, a new report from third-party analysts Slice Intelligence not only show that Apple Watch sales are down 90% since launch—a big deal, since it implies early adopters aren’t regaling more cautious buyers with glowing word-of-mouth—but also that Fitbit is outselling Apple in the wearables space. Apple may have already crushed small time smartwatch companies like Pebble, but the Watch has failed to disrupt the larger wearable marketplace.”

via Why the Apple Watch is flopping.

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