How to Accelerate Learning on Your Team

We know that experiential learning is the best, most common way to learn.  We learn by doing.  What does that mean for learning in the workplace?  If the business is not learning, though learning is required, how do we accelerate the learning process for a team?  We have other work to do, but without continual learning we cannot maintain relevancy, we can not perform effectively.  This article outlined some key principles for accelerating learning on a team.

  • Shorten the loop (the loop referred to by Kolb, Argyris, etc)
  • Think like an architect
  • Look upstream
  • Gather feedback on how the system is doing, rather than rating individuals  (YES!)
  • Create forums for team learning
  • Iterate – evolve your system over time

See article below for comprehensive descriptions on bullets mentioned above.  Excellent articulation of such an important topic.

The key to designing better, faster feedback systems.

Source: How to Accelerate Learning on Your Team