The Neuroscience of Strategic Leadership

Neuroscience and learning are being researched ongoing.  We know, for instance, that learning is optimized when students develop metacognitive strategies.  Metacognitive = to be thinking about ones own thinking in search of optimizing and deepening learning.   When metacognitive, problems are approached by trying to predict outcomes, explaining ideas to oneself, noting and learning from failures, and activating prior knowledge.

In this video, there is a discussion of low road vs. high road strategic decisions in business – the low road being impulsive, with short term thinking applied.  The high road described is more appropriate and effective for wise leadership and navigation of organizations and involves reflection, experience, and more.  This aligns with core principles of neuroscience and learning –

Article below from Strategy and Business, video above.


Neuroscience research shows how to become a better leader.

Source: The Neuroscience of Strategic Leadership